Responsibilities of Author

An author is expected to take the responsibility of the presented data and information in their respective articles. The work presented by author should be original, novel authentic, with appropriate support by relevant citations. Author should not repeat data which has been previously published by themselves or anyone else. Authors should strictly adhere to authorship criteria. Authors listed should have made significant contribution to the research presented. Data and methods used in research should be presented in such a way that it can be replicated by other researchers. Simultaneous submission of manuscript to more than one journal is not permitted. Author should have due permission by the copyright holder for any previously published content. Details of any financial support and its sources should be revealed.

Responsibility of Reviewers

Reviewers should not share any information from the manuscript without prior permission from the editors. Reviewers with adequate expertise in the relevant field should agree to review the article and in case if the subject of manuscript does not come under in their expertise, they should decline the review. A reviewer should explain his comments and judgement clearly so that authors and Editors can understand. The reviewer should immediately alert the editor if in case of duplication of work which has been earlier reported. Reviewers judgement and comments should entirely be based on the scientific relevance of the subject and should be non-bias or without any personal interest. Reviewer should adhere to the time and respond to the queries raised.

Responsibility of Editor and Editorial Board

Editors are responsible for timely, fair and thoroughness of the peer review editorial process. Suggestions and coverage of scientific information in the journal by the Editors is important activity for growth of Journal. Editor should ensure that manuscripts received fall under the scope of Journal and should screen the manuscript based on its scientific content without any biasness. The Editors or any Editorial members should keep the information of manuscript confidential and should not disclose to any other any other editorial advisers or publishers.